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Here's some work I've done for clients over the years.

Katsir Publishing - Ty Brown wrote a wonderfully humorous book about the people and situations that cause frustration in the workplace called "Let's Just Take This Outside." She looked to me to add editorial type illustrations based on each chapter and also a cover illustration.
Butler County Solid Waste Commission - I was hired to help Butler County promote their recycling program. I created several cartoons and a logo for their computer recycling program "Waste Bytes."
This client wanted a star surfing graphic for a telecommunications manual for a product called "Wavestar". The were going to add titles and other copy to it later.  
UFO Social Club BBQ Team - A friend of mine is seriously into BBQ, so much so that he has routinely won most of the major competitions in the Northeast. The team is sponsored by Harpoon beer and is called the UFO Social Club BBQ Team. They wanted a graphic for their banner and t-shirts. The original design is on the left and the final design is on the right.
Dave Arnold -  Dave runs an HR firm called Oak Hill Partners, an executive search firm with clients like Nike, Barnes & Noble, Aetna, Black & Decker etc. He wrote a book on HR and wanted some single panel cartoons to help add some interest and humor. I ended up drawing about 10 single panel cartoons for his book. - Myteam was a Web site for kids involved in organized sports below the high school level. They came to me and asked me to produce a series of sport themed cartoons for their site. I ended up doing about 100 cartoons before the site folded. Here are a couple of my favorites.
Gemini Valve - For this illustration, the client came to me with an idea for a marketing character - the "Gemini Genie".  This character was used on marketing and advertising pieces sent to their customers. Gemini Genie
Transcending Mundane Publishing
This client needed an illustration of two ski bums riding up a chair lift. He decided to use it on the cover of his book Nuts in the Woodwork. The second book, Utah or Bust!, is a collection of writings from a newspaper he publishes called Wild Utah. If you like snowboarding or skiing and like eclectic poetry and stream of conscience writing then check out his Web site and order a copy of one of his books.

Ski dudes

Meditatees - Here's an illustration I did for a man who taught meditation. He asked me to illustrate the phrase "Meditation- A Brain Vacation" for a t-shirt. Brain Vacation
Pro Portsmouth - Each year Pro Portsmouth, Inc. holds an annual competition for the design of that year's logo for Market Square Days (an arts festival in Portsmouth, NH). I won in 1998 with the first drawing.  But, once I won, I worked with the organizers and modified the illustration to create what they needed, adding certain elements they felt were necessary. The results can be seen in the second picture Market Square Day (original) Market Square Day
Blackwell Science Publishers - After doing the cover for their first Books for Medical Students; I helped them create an advertising/marketing character I call "Sleepy Intern Guy" which was targeted at medical students. They have used this character in many applications from covers of catalogues to marketing and advertising materials. Blackwell Science Catalog #1

Blackwell Science Catalog #2

Sleepy Intern #1

Sleepy Intern #2

Fidelity Investments - In this situation the client (Fidelity) had the ideas already worked out. They were trying to promote team work between two departments and wanted me to draw the following two scenes. Baseball  
Tremont 647 - Here, the client needed a logo for a restaurant they were opening. Again, they already came to me with the idea of the skyline of Boston in a bowl with flames all around, what I did was illustrate their idea. Tremont 647
The MiniGolf Place - In this situation, the client needed a logo for a minigolf course he was opening. He gave me complete artistic freedom. Besides using it as their logo, this character was also used in different advertising and marketing materials. Minigolf
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Mandy Car ride Duck Pond Grocery store
Mandy In the car Duck pond Grocery store
Sea o' balls Video Store Zoo  
Sea of Balls Video store Zoo  

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Receptionist Spaceship


receptionist spaceship spaceman thing
bald guy bored mustache head pen
Snowboarder Girl
rabid rabbit bbq dad dude girl

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despair gargle mr. smarmy Mullet Beast handhead
Tree Happy Guy Soldier Old Goon Tear
tree happy guy war old goon tear

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Katsir Publishing
Allyn & Bacon Publishing
Transcending Mundane Publishing
Ignite Magazine
Blackwell Science, Inc.
Fidelity Investments
Butler County Solid Waste Commission
Gemini Valve, Inc.
Pro Portsmouth, Inc.
Oak Hill Partners
Pathfinder Coaching
Tremont 647
Ski & Sports Shack, Ltd.

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