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What's the method to my madness?
To learn how the process would work if you
hired me, click here.


If you would like to receive a free estimate
for an illustration project please
with the following information:

  • describe the job you may have

  • any time constraints

  • purpose of the illustrations

  • media needed

  • budget

  • your name & contact phone number

  • and anything else you think is important.

I have created some links to help you when you are choosing an illustrator.

The Drawing Board for Illustrators
A great resource to find out the going rate for illustrators including pricing guidelines and current quotes

The Publishing Law Center
Gives some legal info on publishing materials

Info on Copyright Ownership
Just what it says: info on copyright ownership


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I created or drew all the cartoons/illustrations/graphics on these pages...
If you want me to draw/create some stuff for you, e-mail me.

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