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(a.k.a. the method to my madness)

It sounds more intimidating than it is. Basically, it's the way I
work with clients over the Internet. Over the years, I've
distilled it down to this, but it is in no way carved in stone.

  1. I create an estimate based on the job description

  2. All estimates are signed before work begins.

  3. I create a Web page so you (and anyone else  involved in the decision-making) may view all illustrations produced.

  4. I create then post on the Web page some rough illustrations (called “roughs”) to get the style down to your liking.

  5. I keep creating/editing/posting roughs until you are please with the results.

  6. Once a final look has been chosen, I then create the finished illustration and post it for your approval.

  7. You still may change aspects of the illustration (colors, positioning, lettering, etc.), however, any radical changes may incur new costs.

  8. Once you have approved the final illustration, you send the balance due.

  9. Once I have received the balance, I will send you the final version of the illustration (in any format you wish) electronically or through the US mail. Overnight and special shipping arrangements can be accommodated, but it will be added to the final cost.

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I created or drew all the cartoons/illustrations/graphics on these pages...
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